Primary business of Tracxn Technologies Ltd

Company offerings:- 
  one of the major global providers of market intelligence for private company data and  among the top five global players in terms of the number of companies profiled that offer data on private market enterprises across industries and geographies.
Tracxn provides customers with access to private corporate data for a variety of purposes, including deal sourcing, finding M&A possibilities, deal diligence, analysis, and tracking developing patterns across industries and marketplaces.

Tracxn, a Software as a Service ("SaaS")-based platform, has profiled over 1.4 million entities over 1,805 Feeds categorised across industries, sectors, sub-sectors, geographies, affiliations, and networks globally as of May 31, 2021. As of March 31, 2021, the platform has 2,358 Users across 855 Customer Accounts in over 50 countries. Among their clients are a number of Fortune 500 corporations and/or their subsidiaries, including Unilever Industries Private Limited.

  1. private market investors and investment banks, such as venture capital and private equity investors and investment banks
  2. Corporations from different industries, and
  3. Others, such as government agencies, universities, accelerators, and incubators.
    As of March 31, 2019, Tracxn had 471 Customer Accounts. By March 31, 2021, the no increased to 855 Customer Accounts, which is a CAGR of 34.73%.  Customer retention  as of March 31, 2021, 22.69%, or 194 active Customer Accounts, have been with using the services for more than three years (with a maximum gap of three months between subscriptions).
Traxcn technologies offerings
Traxcn technologies offerings

Summary of Industry

SWOT analysis of Tracxn Technologies Ltd


  • High tech platform that has been developed with continuous research

  • Emerging tech companies tracking (which most of other players do not offer)

  • Accurate data building and deeper insight generation

  • Cost advantage as most of company’s workforce is based in India.


  • Lesser play in regions like North America 
  • Fairly new in the industry


  • Further increasing its market share in regions like APAC which are high growth areas for private market

  • Investing further on technology platform that can provide meaningful insights

  • Furthering its tech market tracking platform which is unique by its nature


The company faces stiff competition from

  •  Free online and offline sources of information on companies and businesses, including government records, company websites, and open online databases, which offer database for free as well as for subscription.
  • Current and potential customers’ internal and home-grown company databases; other providers of third-party company attributes, technology attributes, and business contact information; other providers of online private companies, market information databases and platforms

Tracxn Technologies Ltd’s Financial Informations:-

Profit and loss

Profit and Loss (All Figures in crore .Adjusted EPS in Rs.)( Tracxn Technologies Ltd.)

Profit and Loss (All Figures in Cr.Adjusted EPS in Rs.)
.March 19March20March 21
Sales33.1937.33 43.78
Expenses53.63 90.8260.85
Operating Profit-20.44 -53.49 -17.07
OPM % _ _
Other Income33.65 0.2312.20
Interest0.150.21 0.23
Profit before Tax12.40 -54.03 -5.35
Net Profit12.40 -54.03 -5.35
EPS in Rs0.21 -0.92 -0.09
Dividend Payout %__

Balance sheet

Balance Sheet (All Figures in crore )(Tracxn Technologies Ltd.)

Balance Sheet (All Figures in crore )
.March 19March 20March21
Equity and Liabilities
Share Capital0.200.20 0.90
Reserves-83.10 -135.45 21.33
Other Liabilities115.10 172.36 2.88
Current Liabilities11.91 15.26 23.36
Total Liabilities44.1152.38 48.46
Net Block 1.12 0.57 0.27
Loans & Advances 2.36 2.22 2.57
Current Assets000
Other Assets0.020.06 0.01
Total Assets44.11 52.38 48.46

Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statements (All Figures in crores )( Tracxn Technologies Ltd..)

Balance Sheet (All Figures in Cr )
.March 19March 20March22
Profit from operations 12.40 -54.03 -5.35
Adjustment -31.17 34.25-9.22
Changes in Assets & Liabilities 3.33 4.19 8.75
Tax Paid -0.30 0.19 -0.24
Operating Cash Flow -15.75 -15.39 -6.06
Investing Cash Flow 16.47 -5.76 -5.38
Financing Cash Flow 020.95 0.19
Net Cash Flow 0.72 -0.20 -0.49


Utilisation of Capital raised through IPO

Tracxn Technologies Ltd through this IPO wants to raise RS Rs 310 crores.

Sale of shares by shareholders.

The company will not get any proceeds from the OFS portion, the proceeds of which will entirely go to the promoters.

Key Points to to be considered before subscribing for Tracxn Technologies Ltd IPO.

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